Thursday, June 3, 2010

Mail Order Mama!

I have to be honest, I'm a sucker for mail order gifts. I know I SHOULD like to shop but I have to admit, the effort it sometimes take to get to the shops is not always worth the joy I get in actually shopping. Maybe that's because window shopping just isn't the same! ;)

What I do love? Shopping online? I love finding a good bargain, reading good reviews, and - living overseas - the ease of purchasing a gift and shipping to friends and family all in one step! Often times when we're pricing an item for our family, I find the best deals are online. I get massive energy from a good deal!

That's why I'm stoked to soon be reviewing a product from They have an incredible amount of home and lifestyle items! Check out these Melbourne Bar Stools:
They have a heap of baby and childrens' toys too!

Its pretty much your one-stop shop! I'm so excited to review a product for them!! Be looking for my review soon!
From the living room couch,

Dimples Monkey Pram (Stroller) Liner (GIVE AWAY)

Well I am quite pleased to announce that I will soon be reviewing a Dimples Monkey Pram (Stroller) Liner which is being custom-made for my Baby Jogger. There are a number of reasons I am quite stoked about this but I don't want to spoil it all before the big review!In the mean time, the lovely Sara from Dimples Monkey has just launched her Facebook site and is celebrating by giving away TWO Stroller Liners. All you need to do is "Attend" her event and you will be entered to win.

While you're checking her out, be sure to take a look at all of the fabulous fabrics she has to chose from! The girl has got style!!

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

WINNER of the Happy Birthday Notecards from flo3er

Amy Hoover said...

I follow the Ausssie Mommy!

Congratulations, Amy! You have 48 hours to contact me at to collect your fabulous Happy Birthday notecards!

Phantom Pregnancy Pains

Pregnancy. Not my favourite thing in the world. But not terrible either. As pregnancies go, I think I had a pretty fantastic one. Aside from mild evening queasiness (made easy by living up the luxury of laying on the couch eating crackers and bell peppers and watching reality TV thanks to the fact that I had no other children), a trip to the doctor for what my neighbour/nurse thought could be appendicitis (why didn't anyone tell me about ligament pain!?), and some severe swelling for a couple of days (note to self: when 9 months pregnant, it is not advisable to cook in 100 degree weather + 90% humidity all day long with no air conditioning), I had it easy.

I felt great so I just kept working right up to my due date and every one of those 10 days I went overdue and even traveled at 39 weeks without one flight attendant batting an eye.

I loved the weekly updates and rejoiced when my baby grew past seeds and beans to fruits and finally to sporting equipment! And, oh, the feeling of those first flutters which eventually turned into feet in my ribs and thrilled not only me but also my husband, and even humoured colleagues as my belly would ripple during meetings.

I'm not sad to not be pregnant anymore. Of course, I'll be excited to be pregnant again one day - but mostly because I love babies.

In the mean time though, there are times when I feel little flutters and bumps inside my belly. Its almost as if my little man is still in there kicking and I have to stop and remember - no he's out now. I have never heard of phantom pregnancy pains, but I have heard of people who have lost limbs who can still feel pain. (So strange, by the way).

So, it begs the question - do I have an overactive imagination? Wishful thinking? Or am I in fact experiencing phantom pregnancy pains?

Happy to be holding my baby on the outside,

Monday, May 31, 2010

You Know You're A Mom When...

There's a hicky on your shoulder and it DEFINITELY wasn't your man who it put there.

Sunday, May 30, 2010

How Much Does Your Baby Weigh?

My scale broke two weeks before I hit the 40 week mark. I'm still bummed I didn't know exactly how much I weighed through my pregnancy, but I was very happy with my weight gain (yes, I said it!) up to that point so I tried not to be fussed.

Nearly four months later and we still have not fixed that scale.

So how do we know how much our boy weighs between doctors' visits? The produce section at the grocery store. Pop him on like a sack o' potatoes while the other mommies smirk as they walk by.

Yeah. We're ghetto like that.

Saturday, May 29, 2010

RedSnapper Onesies (GIVEAWAY)

Oh to know how many unnecessary snaps I have snapped in the last (almost) four months of my life. As the realisation of just how considerably the pace of my life slowed since having a baby continues to sink in, I must admit that I am more eager than ever to avoid whatever roadblocks I can - especially one as silly as mis-snapping a onesie.

When I find myself in a mis-snapping mis-hap, I take a deep breath, put on that big goofy smile my baby loves and, resisting an eye roll at myself, I start to sing our "1 snap, 2 snap, 3 snap song" (yes, I make these up as we go along)... again. But inside I do wish there was a better way.

Which is why I think RedSnapper Onesies are a seriously GENIUS idea.
Check out the little red snap right in the middle. Its like Baby-Dressing for Dummies. As someone who loves organisation (colour coding makes me giddy!), this is my new favourite mommy-minute saving tip! Plus, they have some super cute styles to choose from.
Hey, but don't take my word for it! Now is your chance to win your very own RedSnapper Onesie! Click here and you could be on your way to singing the "snap song" only once!

Onto singing the chopping veggies song,