Saturday, May 29, 2010

RedSnapper Onesies (GIVEAWAY)

Oh to know how many unnecessary snaps I have snapped in the last (almost) four months of my life. As the realisation of just how considerably the pace of my life slowed since having a baby continues to sink in, I must admit that I am more eager than ever to avoid whatever roadblocks I can - especially one as silly as mis-snapping a onesie.

When I find myself in a mis-snapping mis-hap, I take a deep breath, put on that big goofy smile my baby loves and, resisting an eye roll at myself, I start to sing our "1 snap, 2 snap, 3 snap song" (yes, I make these up as we go along)... again. But inside I do wish there was a better way.

Which is why I think RedSnapper Onesies are a seriously GENIUS idea.
Check out the little red snap right in the middle. Its like Baby-Dressing for Dummies. As someone who loves organisation (colour coding makes me giddy!), this is my new favourite mommy-minute saving tip! Plus, they have some super cute styles to choose from.
Hey, but don't take my word for it! Now is your chance to win your very own RedSnapper Onesie! Click here and you could be on your way to singing the "snap song" only once!

Onto singing the chopping veggies song,

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