Sunday, March 14, 2010

Huggies Nappies on Sale at IGA

We're still in the process of trialing all of the disposable nappy options out there. In the mean time we are stocking up when sales are on. (For the record, we would love to have a go with disposable... so comment if you know of any good sales on some quality options.)

Huggies Nappies are on sale at IGA for only $20.99 for the large package. For newborn nappies that means only 19 1/2 cents per nappy... even cheaper than the generic brands.
We've found Huggies nappies to be very good (and have been recommended by friends as the best to handle those yummy mustardy newborn blowout poos!)

Happy Shopping... and nappy changing!

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Let's Get Our Jog On!

Who isn't eager to get out after that baby and lose that tummy!? I didn't gain much excess weight, but I really am not into the little "souvenier" that is hanging on my almost flat tummy!!

That's why I was thrilled when we received the "City Elite Stroller" as a gift for our new baby. I love walking and tolerate jogging because I know its good for me... and I love doing it with my little one inside his pram!
This pram is FABULOUS! In my pre-baby days have helped numbers of friends get their prams in and out of cars and always feel like the most incompetent child-carer because I can never seem to get them to fold or open. Literally the very first time I used the City Elite Stroller, I was able to both open and close it - with their patented one step process. It was SHOCKINGLY easy! It left me feeling like the most confident mom in the world! (Heck yes, I can do this!)

Its also very lightweight, and even though our tiny, fuel efficient car doesn't have heaps of boot space, we are able to pop one wheel off to fit easily in the tiniets of compartments.
Other things I love?
  • The easy grip handle bar... with adjustbale heights
  • The locking front wheel for easy navigation
  • The quick-tap locking break right at the back
  • Ventilation options for our very hot climate
  • The padded (and nearly fully reclining seat) - perfect for resting on the go
  • The efficient shade cover for the hottest of days and good sleeps for my little one
  • The ability to add on cupholders and other accessories
  • The ability to add on a toddler seat
  • TWO storage compartments

We have used the City Elite on dirt trails, roads, and concrete pathways and we love it! Most importantly, our little one is very happy in side!

The kangaroo and I both have our "joeys"!

You can purchase your own City Elite Pram on Amazon!

Well on my way to loosing that tummy,

Monday, March 1, 2010

Sleep in (Adorable) Peace

I am not the mom who found I was pregnant and went out and bought anything and everything. I love organisation and detest clutter. As much as I love a good gadget, I was not about to fill my house with baby stuff I'd never use.

Add to that the fact that I'm (along with my husband) incredibly frugal. I had a candy stash that lasted me from holiday to holiday when I was little and saved almost every penny (literally! pennies still exist in the States) that I found.

So when it came to decorating my baby's room, I was not about to spend hundreds purchasing a matching set of cot sheets, wall hangings, nappy holders, and light switch covers.

I found a $6 set of cot sheets on a clearance sale at Spotlight, and as much as I love the clean look of all white, I just could not do that to my little baby.

In fact, I had one of those ridiculous preggo emotional outbursts about it to my husband one day. Sobbing in the car I irrationally asked him, "Am I already such a bad mother that my baby's room has no colour?! I have to do something!"

Fortunatley, my girlfriend mentioned that she had found an inexpensive - but awesome set of sheets at IKEA. Even though we don't have a shop in town and they don't ship, I hopped online and picked out my favourite set. The next time I knew a friend planning to go, I asked her if she would mind picking me up the set. She didn't and I have to say, I am stoked with how our little man's room turned out... for only $14 for the sheets!!

We chose this set for a few reasons:

  1. The fab deal
  2. Bright colours for stimulating our little one
  3. Its not gender specific so in case our ultrasound proved wrong, we wouldn't be caught out... AND when we have number 2, it won't matter either way!
  4. I loved the adorable little receiving blanket that came with it

We love it! Its super soft, washes well, and our little man looks very handsome sleeping on it.

May your penny-pinching be rewarded with fabulous results,