Sunday, May 2, 2010

Protect Your Kids in the Sun! (GIVE AWAY)

When I first visited Australia, I got sunburned TERRIBLY in my first weekend. I was so naive, thinking that one dose of sunscreen would be enough. I burned horribly - to the point of blistering and everything. It was miserable.

Now that I have a little Aussie boy, I want to make sure that his skin is always protected. I'm very careful about this and now that we're going into the water with him and to the beach more, I've had my eye out for some great swimwear.

One Bored Mommy has an awesome option from Sun Protection Zone. You can visit her blog site and enter to win one of these short sleeve rash guards for your son or daughter.

If I win, I'd get the brown and white short sleeve rash guard.
I also really like the long sleeve suit. This one is cute, don't you think? Not only does it have the standard UV protection of all Sun Protection Zone's products, it even has a nappy changing snap at the bottom! How perfect!

Enjoying the sun,

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