Friday, May 7, 2010

Lilacs & Lollipops HideAway Nursing Cover - GIVEAWAY

That's right... you've read the review about how much I absolutely LOVE my HideAway Nursing Cover from Lilacs & Lollipops... how it absolutely changed my life... how I can now peacefully feed my sweet baby in public without worrying about what body part is showing to whom... and how I double it as a cover for his Baby Bjorn when we're out to help his super stimulated little mind turn off for just a moment so that he can fall asleep when we're out and about.
Well, today is the day you get to change YOUR breastfeeding life!! That's right, the fabulous ladies at Lilacs & Lollipops are offering one privileged Aussie Mommy reader the HideAway Nursing Cover of your choice!!

If my first blog didn't convince you enough, well let me say that Lilacs & Lollipops have just released a new and improved version of their fabulous HideAway Nursing Cover. According to their Etsy store:
"We have improved our Nursing Covers by adding a Terry Cloth pocket and Nickel Overall Buckle. The Overall Buckle will allow you to adjust the Nursing Cover to the exact length you want and no re-adjusting for every use."
Now, I love my HideAway Nursing Cover, but any mommy saving minute like an always adjusted overall buckle really sounds appealing to me!!

If you're not a breastfeeding mum, well I would definitely recommend this Lilacs & Lollipops HideAway Nursing Cover for a gift for any mums to be. It is my new number one favourite to give to my girlfriends at their showers! You'll also have to check out the Lilacs & Lollipops store to see all kinds of other fabulous baby shower gifts with ADORABLE diaper clutches, bumbo covers and more!

So, are you wondering how you can win this fabulous giveaway from Lilacs & Lollipops? You can enter up to six times. Here's what to do:
  1. Visit the Lilacs and Lollipops website and comment this blog to tell me what HideAway Nursing Cover you will choose if you win. (One entry)
  2. "Like" the Lilacs and Lollipops page on Facebook and comment that you did. (One entry)
  3. "Follow" the Lilacs and Lollipops blog and comment that you did. (One entry)
  4. Tweet about this Giveaway and comment that you did. (One entry)
  5. Follow The Aussie Mommy on Twitter and comment that you did. (One entry)
  6. Follow The Aussie Mommy blog and comment that you did. (One entry)
The winner will be chosen by on Tuesday, 18 May. Check back here to find out whether its you! Once the winner is announced, you will have 72 hours to contact me to claim your prize.



  1. hello! so hard to choose but i think i like the floral charm cover the best. also "liked" lilacs lollipops on facebook - i really love their choice of fabrics and there are some great products. will be following this blog - thanks for the tip!

  2. Ha, I had Seth help me pick one out. Wait...what are we picking out again? Most fun I've had all morning ;) I'd get the Carnival Bloom HideAway Nurse Cover!

  3. They are all really nice but I would get the Black Dandy Damask HideAway Nursing Cover...

  4. I like the spa feeling groovy cover!

  5. I like the blue city girl one you have pictured! Very cute! (Rachel Deringer)

  6. I started following your blog Rebekah! I love it!

  7. I like the pink city one - im digging the retro feel! Great giveaway, miss rebekah ;) I think I know someone perfect that I can give this to if I win!

  8. I love the one pictured! You are such an amazing momma and definitely have it together more than I ever did with my first. I'm so proud of you! I am following your blog girl, keep it up. Love the posts. <3

    **This is Erika Pagel. I have no clue why my husband's name is at the top of my post? Anywho, hope I win. I have a mom I can give it to. =)

  9. 1. It's so hard to say I'd like the daisy dreams, the kiwi daisy or the black dandy damask. I hate decisions when they are all so cute!

    2. I like the lilac's and lollipops facebook site.

    3. I am now following the Aussie Mommy's blog.

    So far so good eh??

    love Mel..

  10. Wow, I love all of them!! But I suppose I'd choose the pink city girl daisy print! so cute!

  11. Ok I also 'like' the FB page and follow your blog! I'm not doing any cool giveaways (just yet) but I hope you'll follow my blog too! miss you Rebekah!

  12. Hi! I liked the FB page and I would choose the pod posey I think. That is a hard decision! They are all so cute! (This is Shay but I don't have any of those other account....kind of new at all this! Love your blog btw)

  13. Ok I keep trying to post my comment for for some reason it's not working for me... lol so here I go again....

    I like the Pod Posey, it's so adorable!


    1. I 'like' the Facebook page

    2. I'm following

    3. I'm following your blog

    4. I'm following you on twitter

    5. I sent out a tweet about this...

    Whew hopefully this goes through because I've done this three times already!! LOL! So that should definitely cover my 6 entries!!YAY Here's hoping! **crosses fingers**

  14. Hey Rebekah, I'm not a breastfeeding mom anymore so I'll leave the cool cover for everyone else but I'd like to say that you've got yourself a very cute blog over here!

  15. Wow, there are so many to choose from, i have seem a couple of my mummy friends say these are price less.....

    i would choose the blue city girl daisy one, its sooo cute Priscilla

  16. Hey! Adriel got me to check your blog out! It is one great mummy blog! I am a mum of three! Three kids in three years...and have always wanted one of these feeding covers! I would like the Carnival Bloom if I win. hard to pick as they are all really nice.

  17. Hey! I also 'like' the facebook page...good stuff.

  18. Kelley DickerhoofMay 17, 2010 at 11:36 PM

    Ok! I pick the Mod Blooms... am I too late to enter??

  19. I like the one on your page. and this would be a great gift as I need special presents for all the babies being born around me.

  20. Michelle Wade RafteryMay 18, 2010 at 1:14 AM

    This blog is GREAT! Such a wonderful idea! And the Hideaway nursing cover is great- no more hassle with blankets and the baby getting curious enough to start pulling on it (or pulling it off) to see what's going on! Are these available in the States as well? I'll pass this blog and the nursing cover site on to all the women I know that are currently expecting! Thanks for sharing