Saturday, May 1, 2010

Breastfeeding in Public Just Improved Dramatically

I remember my first experience breastfeeding in public. My mom was visiting from America the week after our son was born and despite the fact that I had had a bit of a hectic delivery (read: tearing an artery without drugs and requiring three bags of blood!), we decided to go for a hike to enjoy dinner with a view. It was a cool and windy evening and our baby needed a feed while we were out. Despite the beautiful sunset view, there I was with a muslin wrap trying to keep him latched on and not flash the world. I know some mums are cool with this and even though I'm happy to feed in public, I like to stay a little bit modest.

The next day my mom insisted on buying me a breastfeeding cover but we could only find one in town and it was $60 for this piece of square fabric. I was not impressed!

Instead, I hopped on etsy and found a wonderful seller - Lilacs & Lollipops. They had heaps of HideAway breastfeeding covers in beautiful fabrics with very reasonable prices!

Lilacs and Lollipops were great to work with. When my HideAway breastfeeding cover arrived, I was so impressed with the quick shipping and I don't know what they scented the cover with, but it had the most beautiful (but subtle) scent for the next few washes!!

It is so easy to feed in public with this cover. It fits right around my neck with a little pop out top so I can see my little man. Its also perfect to wear over his Baby Bjorn. He is one of those super stimulatable kids who is just always curious. Whenever he's tired and I pop the breastfeeding cover over his carrier, he falls asleep literally in about 30 seconds! Its breathable and I can peek down at him. PERFECT!

If you're a breastfeeding mom, i definitely recommend picking up one of these HideAway covers. It will seriously change your breastfeeding life!

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