Saturday, May 22, 2010

Deal Alert - Muslin Wraps

When we were preparing for our baby, I must have been given muslin wraps from about 4 different people. Before he arrived, I told people I didn't need anymore because I thought, "This is getting ridiculous! What will we do with all these blankets!?"
Little did I know, that these wraps would be an absolute staple in our bed time routine!! And we found ourselves doing laundry more regularly just to have the best blankets to wrap our little one when naptime came around. It got to the point where we decided having a few more would be helpful because we were getting behind on laundry (hey, I never claimed to be on top of everything!) and lo and behold the next day we got a belated baby present - a set of SUPER adorable muslin wraps. Ummm, perfect!
American mommies, if you don't have muslin wraps, I 100% recommend you get a set, particularly if you live in a warm climate. They are a staple for Aussie mommies and I can see why. Our little one sweats like none other. In fact, we ended up sleeping him in just a nappy and a muslin wrap swaddle almost every night because it was so hot! They're also perfect for a lightweight blankie, a semi-breathable shade cloth for your stroller/pram, and a million other things like an impromptu breastfeeding cover (although not as ideal as proper one), a burp rag, and more. (Disorganised or resourseful - you decide!)

So, all this to say that Toys-R-Us (Australia) has these on sale for half off - just $10!! If you don't have some, be sure to go snag a pack... or a few!! You won't regret it... and if you do, just send them our way! ;) Your timing might be the perfect solution to me actually doing a load of laundry!

Definitely NOT avoiding housework,


  1. we totally rock the muslin wraps here in HI - that's all we use in the way of blankets! I love them!!!!

  2. That is awesome. They are the best!! (ono?!) I have a feeling our tropical homes might have a lot more in common than we realise, Annie!!