Saturday, May 29, 2010

Stop the Press

Okay, I must admit that I have been SO tired of all the advertising for the movie "BABIES." We don't often get movie ads on TV here so it has been the hype on all my baby product packaging that has driven my crazy. Quite frankly, I just hated the typeface they wrote BABIES in and decided the movie probably sucked.

Now, living in wannabe big town but still fairly rural Australia (I do love my city, but its true), I have NO idea if or when this movie will come here; however, I finally sucked it up to watch the trailer and I CANNOT WAIT TO SEE IT.Culture. Babies. Real Life. Some of my favourite thing all packaged into what looks like it will be a hilarious hour or two to spend my life on.

Maybe you're from the big city and I'm the only one behind the times on this, but this small town girl is saying if you haven't at least seen the trailer, watch it! FACT: I cried.

BABIES Trailer

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