Thursday, May 13, 2010

I'm So Tired That...

Early this morning I was stumbling around the bathroom. Its funny how being so exhausted can make it that difficult to find the toothpaste and get it onto the toothbrush.

Apparently, I wasn't the really tired one though because as I brushed with half-opened eyes, my sweet husband stumbled in and had the realisation - "Wow. I was so tired last night, I put my underwear on inside out!"

Now, I always fold his underwear (right side out) meticulously to put it away and yet somehow he was so tired that he managed to get them that tangled!

It gave us both a chuckle and I was reminded of one of my most tired moments since mommyhood began...

I was walking home in a comatose mode, literally 100 paces from my house when all of a sudden I stopped. Left, right, or straight!? I could NOT remember how to get home.

A body does funny things without sleep.

What's your sleepiest mommy moment?


  1. that's funny! The other day I realized I'd been walking around with my sweatpants on backwards all morning!

  2. That is awesome, Tiffany! Love it!!