Saturday, May 15, 2010

One-Armed Wonder

On February 8, 2010, I received a special gift... a super power emerged from deep within... I became...

A One-Armed Wonder.

Its true. All of a sudden, I developed these miraculous abilities to do day-to-day tasks with only the use of one arm.

I could feed my baby with one hand and make dinner with the other... I could type massive proposals one-handed and cuddle my baby with the other... Vaccuum while burping... Dusting while soothing... Text messaging with one hand!? (Well, I ashamedly admit I learned to do that one-handed PRIOR to having a baby) BUT, one time, I even fed my baby, blowdryed my hair, AND ate my breakfast all at once. So what does that one make me? A no-hand wonder!?

So, did I miraculously develop a super power? Or just become a mom?

As a multi-tasker to the max, I have an incredible respect for efficiency, which is why now that I've seen what I'm capable of I am stoked with my increased capacity, albeit diminshed by my new found responsibility... an adorable little man and new favourite way to spend my time!

With a salute to all my other one armed friends,

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